Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DAY 34 - Another Day in Paradise

Have my last dental work before treatment begins tomorrow- 3 more hours in the dental chair...not fun. Having 3 caps and 1 filling. My last session was rough. Apparently the cavities were below the gum line and the dentist had to cut away some of the gum line. Man - it is so sore - even after a week. I am hoping this doesn't have an adverse effect on my treatment. Radiation at 9am on Tuesday and Chemo at 2 pm. I understand it will take 3 hours and I am loaded up with pills for before and after and God knows what else.

I should change this to my "Rainy Day" blog - as in saving up for a rainy day....I can see those rain clouds forming on the horizon now. When I was a kid in Oklahoma we used to sit and watch the horizon for tornadoes. It was an after-dinner ritual in the summer.

Pulled the good heirloom china and crystal from the "wait until the relatives show up at Christmas" hutch and the table is now set with the best. 'Tis much better that I use them every day from here on than to look down from above some day and see them on eBay. Wine does taste much better in a crystal goblet...even if it is "2 Buck Chuck from Trader Joes".

Exchanged emails with an online tonsil cancer group - some affected and some caregivers. They are on the other side of this and have some uncomfortable issues even after months and years post treatment. Am trying to adjust to the reality that this will change me in some ways forever (whatever that is). It is not like a broken leg that you forget about after it heals. That said: Let's start asap.

Song of the day:

Paul Simon: One Trick Pony

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