Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DAY 49 - Another Day in Paradise

Well the old adage about when you think you are as low as you can go - you see the elevator has more floors to go. On the way to radiation treatment today I had to take a long way around as they are working on the freeways in downtown Sacramento. Just as I got to the freeway turnoff - everybody who had been traveling about 30 mph suddenly stopped. Everybody (except me) found a hole to dive into to avoid contact. Rear-ended car and pretty much ruined by beloved PT Cruiser. Spent the next 3 hours waiting in 100 degree weather - for tow truck and connection to rental car. This is an expense I hadn't figured on and will delay my treatment by at least one day as I missed my appointment too.

Will need to get car handled and if totaled - find a another - this was paid off - so, a used one will have to do. Wrong time for buying a new car. Well - I needed new tires anyway.

Now, in addition to having the acid reflux in my stomach - my foot is bruised from trying to drive the brake pedal through the floor and my back is out. Fortunately - I have a great Chiropractor and have set up weekly visits. Could have been worse - nobody hurt, everybody else drove away, got a rental car- got my treatment extended, have insurance - so, all in all, I need to not focus on my health issue while driving and not be lost in thought. Lesson learned.

Hope I can get some sleep tonight - was up all night - glad to see the sun come up finally this am.

Down to 155lbs. I had bulked up to 159 - but have only kept down a potato and some juice for 2 days. Lost everything that went down - came up have started back on anti-nausea pills and Tums. Yum - with a twist of lemon and some tonic and I am set.

Dedicated to my WIFE: Have to stop whatever is happening when this comes on and slow dance. No one was ever luckier than me.

Song of the Day: Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody

Today pic - is to PETE - my PT Cruiser who is ailing worse than me today.

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  1. Hi Uncle Bob. Sorry to hear about your car accident. Glad that you are ok.