Friday, July 25, 2008

DAY 58- Another day in Paradise

One of those good news - bad news - good news days.
Slept through the night for the first time in awhile - in the new zero gravity chair - like a cool lounge chair on a cruise. Lot of adjustment opportunities.

Feel achy all over -had a fever of 99 degrees when I woke up. Pounded down a couple of tylenols and Lise and I drove down to Elk Grove to see the PT Cruiser for sale. Very nice, very clean only 31 K miles. Got it.

Feelng cruddy- so Lise drove it home. That is how bad I felt. Wasn't up to driving my own new(ish) car home. Got home took temp - was 102 degrees. Off to the emergency room at Kaiser. Meds in - Blood out. Went in at 11a - got out at 5p.

Couldn't keep anything down except Gatorade.

Fixed dinner for everyone. Poached Salmon with butter and raspberry chipotle sauce, acorn squash and salad/garlic toast. I had gatorade.

My wife and her mom returned rental car and got gas for the new cruiser (silver).

Feeling weak, but the bad fever is gone.

Song of the Day: Peggy Lee - Fever.

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