Sunday, July 20, 2008

DAY 53 - Another Day in Paradise

Interesting changes a foot ( a neck or actually a mouth). Throat is getting sorer daily and have been unable to sleep through the night. I still have my voice and can eat satisfactorily (ice cream and Boost shakes 3 x a day). Finally hit 160lbs. which was my goal before the eating thing becomes more difficult. I have my anti-nausea meds going but gagged on a peanut butter shake this am. Peanut butter would be a great additive - but the taste gags me.

I have to sleep more in a reclining position to keep stomach under control. Am waking up between 4 and 5 each day - feel like I have pneumonia - lungs congested with that thick mucus. When I spit it out - it is like wallpaper paste- water won't even wash it away.

I get up and have hot tea to braek it up and try to get an hour back during the day somehow. Someone recommended a Zero Gravity Chair - which certainly ( from a Buck Roger's point of view - and era - for those younger - Star Trek/Enterprise era) sounds much cooler and pro actively adventuresome than it really is. I ordered one on Amazon today and should be here in a few days. It is supposed to be flexible enough to find the sleep position "sweet spot". I will try to get a full night's sleep in that. It folds up and I can keep it under the real bed. Perhaps an expensive "patio" chair when I pop out the other side of this "Journey to the Center of my all new Universe".

Relatives are in town; we went out to lunch today and I couldn't eat much - everything was too spicy ( soup and a spinach salad). However, no weeping - I culled all the whipped cream from everyone's sundaes and that canceled all the spice issues. New "approved" sweet - remember sneaking the can of whipped cream out of the fridge and shooting it into your mouth and getting away with it- when you were a kid? Now I can just do that over dinner. How to make kids jealous- ha. Making a list of pluses to this thing and there surprisingly are quite a few. Fully authorized gorging on whipped cream. There must be more - just none come to mind at the moment.

Song of the Day: SteppenWolf - Magic Carpet Ride

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  1. im victor53 i start radiation in 8 days. Ive done 6 weeks of chemo i got erbitux carbolatin and taxol and didnt have problems except for the erbitux acne rash.
    Thank you for doing your blog i am not the writing type i go on all the message boards and chat rooms.
    Information is the only thing that calms me down. So reading all your blog for the past hour or so was fantastic. I am 53 lived all over europe for 12 years and in the jungle of costa rica for the past 4 years i admired your resume and you remind me of myself. I am married to a 22 year old costarican girl and have a 2 year old son so i am motivated to beat this. I am in rhode island now getting treatment.
    I was in the music business for a while. Your blog is very informative and interesting and varied. I willl leave now with a song suggestion Wicthi Tai To by Jim Pepper Thanks for your blog Victor Brown email