Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 62 - Another Day in Paradise

The third thing of bad luck comes in 3's happened. I already slipped in the tub and hit my head and totaled my car. Last night I was walking around in the dark about 2:30 am and fell backwards down the stairs. I am lucky I didn't break my neck or back. Had a huge knot about the size of an orange on top of my head wrenched my neck and my tail bone is sore as all get out. Caused quite a commotion and Lise came running down the stairs to find me at the bottom in the dark seeing stars. Many scoldings and ice packs later, I managed to move upstairs and get a second round of icepacks. It seems like I am trying to spice up an otherwise boring time.

My second chemo is tomorrow - have to have my radiation in the am to meet the schedule for the chemo at 11:30a. It was hard to lay down on the metal plate for the radiation as my tail bone is so sore. Had to shift from cheek to cheek with my head strapped down - could be a new dance move.

Am at the halfway mark for treatment. Good to have a benchmark. I am tiring of the whole process and have anxiousness to get to the end ( with good results of course).

Song of the day: Oasis - Falling Down

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