Sunday, July 6, 2008

DAY 39 - Another Day in Paradise

Well, here we go - last weekend of "normalcy" for awhile. The countdown begins tomorrow with final test of radiation mask and then Tuesday 9 am 1st radiation treatment with the Chemo to follow in the afternoon at 1:30p. Lise cut my hair today - very short - next step is shaved. My mother-in-law called today from Texas to wish me well this week. She has had a similar experience with cancer and chemo and says she shaved her head on purpose in advance to "be in control - and be pro-active". I like that advice and intend to shave my head soon - to beat the Chemo barber.

This radiation mask is a trip. It holds your head absolutely still so the radiation always hits the same spot - marked on the side of the mask. I don't think you could do it easily if your were claustrophobic. If you have a hint of S & M in your style- you might actually like it - or somewhere in between. The first one they made for me didn't turn out as they liked so I had another made and they gave the 1st to me as a "souvenir".

Intend to take photos of the treatments in the beginning. Have seen some from others in the same situation and the skin burn is not a pretty picture. However, the only thing that everyone agrees on is that no two patients are the same and react the same. So we will see. Seven weeks of treatment and then I get to Break On Through to the Other Side.

Song of the Day: Doors - Break On Through

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