Thursday, July 10, 2008

day 43 - Another Day in Paradise

Now starting to feel a bit lousy...stayed in bed the whole day - got up at 2 to go to 3rd radiation treatment. Had a 250 cal boost for late lunch and a piece of salmon with lots of butter and vegetables and another boost for dinner. Still maintaining my weight at 162-165 . I was 150lbs when this started and put on extra weight to combat the weight loss I am sure to experience.

Got to give a short shout out to my good friend Denise from work. Man did we ever butt heads in a competitive manner when I started working over 5+ years ago, but through common enemies became friends. Thanks for keeping the Red Phone handy.

Marvyn Gaye: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Not feeling so hot- so will close early today - last radiation for the week tomorrow so will get a respite for the weekend. They say that you'll start to improve a few days after chemo. They say the effects will calm down a little 2 or 3 days after chemo and the nausea will subside...until the 17th day when they give you some more. Then it gets worse. I'm glad I have good support from family and friends. It means a lot. I can't imagine going through this without support from family and friends.

Got nice cards in the mail today and emails from friends from high school.

Song of the Day: David Bowie: Golden Years

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