Monday, July 28, 2008

DAY 61 - Another Day in Paradise

Long day - routine is pretty set unless there are extra doctor visits.

Up early, do meds first, so they are in and dispersed if food comes up. Wait a bit, have bowl of really watery oatmeal and a glass of apple juice.

Work from home on my account until noon. Lunch is bowl of beef barley soup and glass of Gatorade.

Work on accounts until 2:20p and off to daily radiation. Need to be there for 3:15 appt. I take a different CD to listen to each day. You have 15 minutes in the unit and they will play whatever you bring. Today was B.B. King. The guy after me always plays Clapton. Maybe it has to do with the era of the patients at this time.

Eating is a chore. Being the chef of the family - I still perform my duties, but not as much fun in it when you can't participate. I dread meals. Dinner was pasta salad, fresh tomatoes from our garden, rolls, and a kiwi and orange fruit bowl. I had a strawberry instant breakfast and some more barley soup, very watered down and run through the blender. MMMMMMMMMMMM

Throat is sore and it hurts to swallow - nothing has a taste and you are constantly fighting the gag reflex. Other than that, it is a Bobby Flay gourmet meal. ha

Lost 4.5 lbs so far from 162 top weight before, when I could pound down the heavy calorie shakes. Now they gag me. Too heavy - no cream or milk works much, although tonight I had reg milk with the instant breakfast.

Wednesday is 2nd Chemo - a bit apprehensive. Hair started coming out today in little clumps in the back. Lise cut my hair really short to compensate for the raggedy look. Says I look macho--like Bruce Willis. Works for me! Live Hard with a Vengeance! is my movie.

My daughter named the new cruiser "Peach" because girls are better drivers and I won't get in another accident in Peach. So, there we have it. I guess it is Peach. Peach drove like a dream --first real drive since ownership.

Am acclimating myself to the concept of an uncomfortable year....

When I am on the other end of this, I am sending myself to chef's school in the evenings and weekends!

Song of the Day: Eat it-Weird Al Yankovic


  1. Chef's school... wonderful! All of your meals always sound so delicious! Hope to get a recipe or two from you. =) CB

  2. Congratulations on your new arrival. I'm sure Peach will be a great addition to your family. I'm glad the car situation worked out okay for you. Good luck with the chemo on Wednesday - I'll be thinking about you.

    Mr. Phelps