Saturday, July 5, 2008

DAY 38 - Another Day in Paradise

Seems like I am measuring everything in terms of the day I start treatment. Last Saturday before treatment, etc. 2.3 days to start. 58 hours to go. This mouse in my neck seems like it is trying to become a much larger rat. Seems like forever when diagnosed...did I mention I am anxious to start the poison and burn program?

Got a call from a friend in the Bay area...he called to say he didn't know what to say but wanted to say something, so I would know he was thinking of me. That is unfortunately the best a friend can do...but is meant a lot.

Trying to bulk up to 160 lbs. so I will have something to lose. Like working two jobs to make extra cast before you fly to Vegas - because you know you are going to lose. I figure I will not seriously consider the feeding tube until I hit 140 lbs.

Am loading up on Ensure and other high calorie drinks - mixed Canola oil with my shake this am...anyone that reads this (including me) that has thoughts of a sensible diet with non-fat- low calorie options will almost gag on what I am doing- Canola oil, Ensure, banana, half-half and strawberries for a breakfast shake.

Indeed these are strange days.

Song of the Day: The Doors: Strange Days

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