Saturday, July 26, 2008

DAY 59 - Another Day in Paradise

Slow day – still recovering from fever and my stay at the emergency room yesterday.

Was going to mow the lawns today, but will put it off until tomorrow.

Sarah had her birthday party with friends today at John’s Incredible Pizza – an all you can eat buffet with games and attractions for kids. I wasn’t up to the crowd and stayed home.

The girls came back here and watched the Hannah Montana 3D movie and a sleepover.

Still can't eat much. Had 1 bowl of instant oatmeal and some Gatorade for dinner and earlier, had scrambled egg and zucchini ... pretty much it .. .will try harder tomorrow.

Throat is really dry, hard to swallow, gag reflex triggers easily.

Song of the day – The Beatles - You say it is your Birthday

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