Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DAY 1578 - Day 1345 in Recovery Paradise

Well, here we are just about 4 years to the date I was diagnosed with Tonsil Cancer.  I often mentor others coming down that hellacious treatment path and remark how good life is (period) on the other side.

I wouldn't be sitting here doing this had I not chosen to take the radiation/chemo treatments.  It helped that I didn't know what the Hell I was getting myself into...but definitely am grateful for the results.

Last week I gave a 90 day notice to my job, that I am going to retire and also go to 3 working days a week until then.  Four day weekends - to try out the retirement thing...my sister says the water is just fine...JUMP!

Wow... what an interesting ride the last 1578 days have been with 1345 new sunrises and sunsets as a bonus...


Day 1 - Another Day in Paradise

Thursday May 29, 2008

Saw a Head and Neck Specialist in Roseville. Got to hear the "C" word for the first time. Said that it was on my left tonsil and had apparently spread to my left lymph node. Wanted to do biopsy to be sure. Found out the hard way I was allergic to ephinefrin (sudafed) mixed with thelidocaine and blacked out and off to the emergency room to get blood pressure and heart rate normal. Bad headache followed - and did not get the biopsy done - told them they should have done it while I was out...Ha. Have to come back tomorrow and do it again with a different specialist nearer to me.