Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DAY 2041 - Day 1808 in Recovery Paradise

Well, here we finally are - big DAY tomorrow.

9:45 am - meet with Doctor Mathew, my ENT Cancer doctor that made the onerous diagnosis five very long (and yet, sometimes very short) years ago - "You have Tonsil Cancer".

This appointment is supposed to be my last one, EVER.  It is said that if you make it five years you are classified as a 'Survivor' and you get a new life - a 'do-over' if you will.

There will be no more x-rays, CT-scans, invasive throat diagnostics, emergency room visits, dry-heaves with razors in your throat, lost hair (ha - like that matters now), sleeping the only way you can  - sitting up-, feeding tubes, blah, blah - related to this Tonsil Cancer diagnosis.

Something else may be lurking around the corner, but tomorrow I will officially be done with this one.

Took a break from my bass guitar for the past few months, as we are prepping our home for sale, but as things settle down in the day to day - am looking forward to picking it up is the last song I learned - will be good to pick it up where I left off....ROCK ON.

Billy Squire - Everybody Wants You