Saturday, July 10, 2010

DAY 822 - Day 672 in Recovery Paradise

Have my 2 year CTscan coming up August 20. Had oral scope reviews from ENT surgeon and Radiologist this past month with clear results, as I have been concerned about the constant dry mouth and a recent sore throat that wouldn't go away and was, once again, prescribed anti-biotics (like I haven't heard that before)...had a full list of real/imagined ailments (sore under tongue, sore throat, tingling in ears and soreness in my neck)...all magically disappearing as I walked away from the ENTdoc with a good result on Friday.

Still have dry throat - she says due to allergies, but doesn't want to prescribe allergy meds to complicate drying things out...instead prescribed facial steamer am/pm - hot herbal tea daily, 60 oz water daily - and use of my Neti Pot daily -someone gave me two years ago and I never used.

Probably won't get Mexico to celebrate 2 years still here, like some of my new found friends on the Tonsil Cancer forum, this year, but got my celebration 10 days ago with a week on the coast listening to waves and contemplating the beauties, inequities, benefits of more time on earth.

Lost most of my head hair and 85% of facial hair during treatment in summer of '08. Still nothing below the chin, but (where it can grow) have got most of my hair back (darker and wavier-go figure). Way back in the motorcycle days, had hair that tucked into my belt in since God has given me time and hair to give it another go...I stopped my haircuts last month and discarded my razors last week. I now have enough hair in back (that was totally gone in late 2008) to have the world's tiniest ponytail - complements of my 11 year old daughter (my new nickname is Mr. Scruffy Face)...but being here to hear it is ok with me.


It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good