Sunday, July 27, 2008

DAY 60 - Another Day in Paradise

Trying to fall asleep with the house full of 10 year old girls having a sleepover- finally got quiet about midnight- after my wife put CD lullabies on the stereo.

Slept until 2:30 am. Got up to hack and cough.

Slept until 4:30 am . Got up to hack and cough and get water.

Slept until 5:50 am. Got up. Stayed up.

The sleepover girls are up and giggling in the family room. My wife is trying desperately to grab 37 more winks…not working.

Bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs and English muffins for 5 – smells good but none for me. Tried the Equate – nutritional shake and one piece of cantaloupe. All came up and continued with dry heaves. Now my ribs ache. Have to get something down- am trying tea and thiiiiiiin oatmeal. Working so far.

Listened to a couple of 10 year old group and individual meltdowns and recoveries so far. Not unlike adult office drama, just younger.

Got my morning meds down. Good news.

Treated to a multi-faceted talent show – mostly revolving around some aspect of High School Musica, Karaoke style.

Afternoon better – got some homemade thin soup down and some protein shake with juice- the mile base is too much mucus and gags me.

Got some work in for my job – big mixer coming up this next week.

Big week looming – have to see docs re: my fevered trip to ER last Friday and also have 2nd Chemo on Wednesday.

Lise fixed very thin soup and that seemed to work.

Watched Big Fish (good movie), and for a few hours I wasn’t me. Nice break.

Song of the Day: Nessun Dorma – Paul Potts

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