Thursday, July 17, 2008

DAY 50 - Another Day in Paradise

Milestone: Day 50! Seems like forever and like just yesterday. Good connections today with friends and family. Got new meds to combat nausea and reflux stomach issues. Hope it works for being able to sleep at night. Am looking at at Zero Gravity Lounge Chair as a tool to help also- can't keep getting up every .5 hours and waiting to get tired to try again. They are on sale- so may give it a go. Highly recommended from lots of people that need to sleep elevated.

Life is almost a Comedy of Errors lately - with the original inconvenience that started this - then the dental problems and then the car yesterday...tonight's episode was me sitting on the edge of the tub putting lotion on my heels and slipped backwards into the tub - couldn't stop myself because there was too much lotion on my hands............landed hard on my butt and then smacked my head on the wall. Thank God, I was the only person to see it....sat stunned for awhile and then laughed. Pretty stupid. I hope I am not reduced to this as my form of entertainment.

Recommended by my friend Denise:
Song of the Day: The Drifters: Up on the Roof

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