Thursday, July 24, 2008

DAY 57 - Another Day in Paradise

Today’s Blog is rated PG13. Mainly for myself to remember and for those that really want to know the daily routine. It may not be as funny as some other blogs.

3:45 am. I am up. Went to bed at midnight. 0hhhh, one of thooooosssse days. Thick gunky mucous build up in my throat and lungs- hurts like pneumonia. Deep racking coughs producing nothing, as my throat is dry and raw. Have to get up – so Lise can sleep. Today is my daughter’s birthday. 10 years old. Double digits – Her words: My First major milestone- she could hardly go to sleep last night – woke her up at 5am (easy for me to do –I am up!) sang "happy birthday" and gave her a $10 bill…tucked her back in and turned off the lights and let her go back to sleep – nice smile. She is more mature now. She is 10.

Most meds have worn off overnight. A/M routine begins.

ü Hack-up as much mucous as possible. Some blood. Everything raw. (Rah-Rah)

ü Try to get out mucous out of lungs and throat – can’t sleep flat - have to be elevated (Elephant Man). Zero Gravity Chair should arrive soon. (See Day 53)

ü Rinse mouth with salt water to dull some mouth pain and cut the mucous build-up.

ü Spray Cloraseptic throat spray (OTC) on gums and back of throat to minimally numb throat. This is uncomfortable but will start the med process.

ü Clear nostrils for improved breathing. Much mucous. Some blood. Maybe I have a cold too. So many trips to the pharmacy and doctors office and isn’t that where you can find the greatest concentration of sick people? Ha – not funny.

ü Go downstairs and make cup of hot (warm) tea (decaf) to sooth throat and melt away the mucous in my dry throat.

ü Swirl capful of “Magic Mouthwash” [LID VI/DIPHEN/MAG-AL OH/NY] around gums and swallow (now you know why they just say “magic mouthwash” )– this numbs everything: gums, roof of mouth and a petty fair job on the raw throat.

ü Raw throat now numb enough to swallow and take other meds. This stuff is like Lydocaine that the dentist rubs on your gums with a swab before they give you the Novocain injection to pre-numb you. In wine terms: 2008 bottling, heavy cherry medicine flavor – with hints of Lidocaine and conjures up favorite memories of lovely trips to the dentist – may induce gagging. It is a young beverage (as it is made fresh each month), yet not without humor. Pairs nicely with medications. Available locally through your favorite pharmacy. A bargain at only $25 a bottle as co-pay doesn’t apply. Expires at end of month and must be replaced. Refrigerate and keep chilled to approximately 45 degrees. Bon appetite!

ü Now can have the tea (Decaf Constant Comment and Peppermint mix with honey- make a pot – will be long day. Drink enough (1 cup) to cut phlegm in back of throat and open up numbed throat for swallowing.

ü Take 1 eye drop of Brimonidine in both eyes for Glaucoma

ü Take 1 capsule (daily ½ hour before breakfast) of OMEPRAZOLE (for Prilosec) 20mg for controlling acid reflux pain in stomach.

ü Take 1 tablet of PROPAFENONE (for Rythmol) 150 MG for heart arrhythmia.

ü Take ½ tablet of HYDROCODONE/ACETAMINOPH [Vicodin/Lortab] 5-500mg for pain, discomfort, and attitude.

ü Nasal spray – XCLEAR for relief of nasal irritation.

Exercise, shower, get dressed make breakfast for all. Ready to rock- Another Day in Paradise. Fortunately, the time and space to write all this takes longer than to Nike-it-up (JUST DO IT).

Breakfast is a 1000+ cal shake [DAY xx] and fruit. Good to go until 11a or so unless there are doctor appointments. On a good day, I only have the daily radiation treatment in Rancho Cordova (suburb of Sacramento about 20-30 minutes away.

Was going into work today, but overdid it at my stop into work yesterday. Talked too much (like that ever happens). Throat is very sore today – can’t seem to get it numbed and feel just on the edge of nausea. There is not much time between feeling like it and vomitus eruptus…not a thing for public view.

Worked on my accounts from home.

11:00 am – another high cal shake – perhaps around 750 cal on this one.

ü Noon: making French Onion Soup. Sounds good, smells good – we will see if I can keep it down.

ü Take noon time pills.

ü ½ Vicodin and

ü 1 tablet of PROPAFENONE (for Rythmol) 150 MG for heart arrhythmia.

Note: soup ok bread/parmesan cheese tastes like snot. No can do.

Worked a couple more hours on new accounts from home.

1:00 pm mouth rinse with salt water.

2:00 pm another high cal shake about 750 cal and head out to radiation treatment. It is not until 3:15 pm but do not want to miss the appt. It pretty much supersedes all other tasks.

3:00 Radiation Center: Much like CHEERS. Everybody knows your name. I am a relatively outgoing guy – so everyone really knows my name. Ben and Terrie are my radiation techs. Head into the HARMONY ROOM with Chinese characters for strength and harmony over the doorway. Love it.

4:30 pick up Sarah from school Not gelin’. Not feeling so hot. A bit of a fever.

Went out to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. I had two bowls of soup. My niece came with us. She is a student at UC Davis.

Back home. Talked to Allen the internet car sales guy – he feels bad because we drove all the way down there and the car didn’t have A/C. Says he will give me a deal on a 2006 PT Cruiser at the same price as I got for my 2003 beloved PT payoff. Only 31K miles. Will drive down tomorrow and see it.

Got a big fever about 100 degrees. Some kind of infection,

Am going to bed early in the new chair – arrived: see DAY 53

Final med for the evening:

ü Take 1 tablet of PROPAFENONE (for Rythmol) 150 MG for heart arrhythmia.

ü Take 1 tablet of Lanoxin 125 mcg for heart arrhythmia.

ü Take 1 tablet of Warfarin (for Coumadin) 5 mg (Great SCRABBLE words, eh) to thin my blood to reduce heat attach issues.

ü Take 1 tablet of Atenolol 50 mg for heart arrhythmia.

ü Take 1 eye drop of Brimonidine in both eyes for Glaucoma

ü Take 1 eye drop of Lumigan in both eyes for Glaucoma

ü Brush teeth with special gel for radiation clients, Pronamel, as the radiation is bad for the health of your teeth and gums also.

ü Put on custom made dental trays over both upper and lower teeth with a special gel called Prevident to keep enamel on – radiation affects you teeth and gums – may have to do this until ht e cows come home – a new permanent nightly task.

Heading to bed early with Tylenol – major fever - feel like crap.

Song of the day: Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Woodstock 1969)

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