Sunday, July 13, 2008

DAY 46 - Another Day in Paradise

Wow...Have been in the south 40 of Paradise the past few days...not the most fun. The Chemo effects have kicked in and I have felt pretty lousy. Taking lots of "Don't you dare throw up -pills" and so far the pills are winning. Drove myself to radiation on Friday and spent the bulk of the day on Saturday in bed. Lise and I did a bit of shopping and loaded up on salmon and Ensure. Interesting meal selection.

Bad sleeping last night - lots of mucus and got up 10+ times during the night. Was glad to see the sun come up. I received more cards and some emails from friends and family....very nice - it means a lot. It is almost tougher being on the outside without knowing what you can do for someone else. I get regular good advice from new acquaintances from the Tonsil Cancer blog -Al & Nancy from Texas. Al is further down the line on this thing and it is good to see that the tunnel plays out. He acquired a new meat smoker - probably as a gift to himself for all the milkshakes he had to endure..ha.

Will try to mow the lawn this a.m. before it gets too hot. Has been in the 100's - but supposed to be down into the 90's this week. Don't want to get too far behind on the blog ...may post more on this later.

Got a good email from my sister with a suggestion for the song of the day - great one - thanks Sharon I love you.

Song of the Day: Van Morrison - Dweller on the Threshold

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  1. We love you Bob. Sending a prayer request out right now to a few prayer warriors who are powerfully on your side. God Bless you and keep you safe in His arms, today, tomorrow and every day. You are His most beloved. Know you are being loved through this process. Hang in there! We need you! xoxoxox