Monday, July 14, 2008

DAY 47 - Another Day in Paradise

This was the day I anticipated going back to work like nothing had changed. Still got some work in but will have to be from home for now. The word went around at my work today, so no cats left in my bag.

Great support and emails from friends and colleagues. It does mean a lot and emphasizes the concept of Another Day in Paradise I am blessed to experience. What if I wasn't as lucky as I am and didn't have friends, and support and medical insurance and a way to get to treatment and a million other "little" things that are huge when you don't have them. I see others in the treatment center and my heart goes out to them as they are not as lucky as I am.

Many have commented on my "Song of the Day" and have given me excellent suggestions...ha - I may never have to come up with an original one again. My sister sent video clips from the balloon ride over Napa Valley for the early birthday present she bought for me ....can't wait ( but oh - hummmm - I guess I will) to celebrate that opportunity and the end of this "annoying little experience".

My friend Hal recommended this one and as Captain Kirk would say: "I will make it so".

Song of the Day : Nena - 99Luft Balons

Interesting thought from the Tarot: Be the lightning instead of waiting to be struck by it.

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