Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DAY 56 - Another Day in Paradise

Have been feeling pretty good the past few days - have been active. As I tell my friends and am 95 % good - everywhere except for my mouth and throat. Throat raw, gums hurt, no saliva (like putting a handful of flour in your mouth and having all your saliva dry up)............lots of thick mucous. Most of my accompaniment meds and preventative meds have kicked in - the ones that tell my head that I can swallow and not throw-up and the acid reflux pills are dong their job.

I was telling someone today that the feeling is like you had 4 molars pulled and the Novocain is wearing off, so you eat a piece of screaming hot pizza and the hot cheese sticks to the roof of your mouth and burns the skin off - you pick up a cup of boiling coffee swirl it around in your mouth and swallow it- not quite, but close.

I had used the gaining-weight-on-purpose metaphor - " like a pig in a feed lot" - the other day and had mentioned it at the dinner table - my daughter wanted to know what that meant - so I used the analogy of Hansel and Gretel - I was Hansel eating all the candy and fattening myself up. She got it. We did not talk about where bacon comes from.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s 10th Birthday – so all must be calm and not focused on me in any way.

I am off regular solid dinner foods now – a waste of good food. I am the cook and can still SMELL everthing - jut no taste. Tonight was Tortellini w/ Pesto sauce, garlic toast, fresh zucchini from the garden and pasta-spinach salad. I had peach slices! And a high-cal shake. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Day 11 of 35 on the radiation treatments today. 1/3 down. They said the machine rotates around me and radiates the cancer in my neck and mouth from different angles to “coat” it with radiation. It seems smaller, but would like to see a picture to know this thing is going away. Have my second chemotherapy on the 30th.

Thought I was going to replace my much-loved, but oh so dead, PT Cruiser tonight- drove to a dealership about 35 miles away so see a 2005 model for sale in the right price range- only to find there was no A/C……it was 96 degrees today in Sacramento. This car needs to go back to the Bay Area where you can sell a car with no A/C. Still looking. Not satisfied.

Spent an hour or so at work. Felt good. Will try a few hours tomorrow, while I still have some voice left.

Song of the Day: Rolling Stones: Satisfaction

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  1. Thanks for being here. My husband has tonsil cancer also. He's post surgery and right in the middle of his radiation treatment. I work at Chico State (I see you went to school there.) I especially like how you end each blog with a song for today! What would we do without the music.

    Gina Popejoy