Monday, July 21, 2008

DAY 54 -Another Day in Paradise

Only woke up twice- slept in bed all night and didn't have to sleep partially on couch. Hope for another night like that tonight. It probably only works because I finally bought the gravity chair to sleep in.-ha.

Throat very sore now. Mouth is dry. Have bulked up to 161.5 lbs.- wow - if I don't loose weight like they say - I will be over 200 lbs before I am done ( and die of a obesity heart attach - cruel irony). I may become FatBob the Blogger.

Built the ultimate calorie shake: 1 Equate Plus chocolate: 350 cal, 1 cup whole milk: 160 cal, 1 cup ice cream: 260 calories, 1 cup orange juice: 120 cal, 1 tablespoon Canola oil 120: cal = 1010 calories (like a triple bacon cheeseburger). I am supposed to lose at least 20 we will see. The nutritionist says I can eat anything and everything...i feel like a pig in a feed lot.

I don't want to get the feeding tube - so we will see if I can tough it out. She said next week my taste buds loss will go from food tastes like cardboard and dirt (now) to foul - rotten. Fixed skewered shrimp and peppers/mushrooms and garlic toast- big salad with cranberries and pecans, garlic toast, cauliflower/butter-herbs - all tasted the same and hurt like hell to swallow- decided that will be last 3-d meal until taste buds come back. Soup and shakes until Thanksgiving -she said if might be a couple of months after treatment (August 23) before tastes buds and saliva start to return. It would be great to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with real tastes.

Got the word my PT Cruiser was a total loss - be warned - that was with a 20 mile hr. impact. Will have to add getting another car into the mix- have to pull all my belongings out of "Pete: tomorrow, short eulogy and on we go. He needed tires anyway. We were going to put a grand into tred next week....thank you!

My daughter turns 10 Thursday (family gathering) - all focus will be on that - as it should be; with a party with her friends Saturday night and a girls-night-out sleep over...should be crazy. I love that little squirt. I know she is concerned and the slightest implication of a complaint affects her. It will have to be business as usual with the parties. My mother-in-law from Dallas is in for a week - so I need to be in the entertainment mode - she is nice and it makes it easier to deal with other issues. We get along great - and of course she as great concern for me.

For anyone reading with similar issues: Build your local support group (THE number 1 first thing to do) - and use the tonsil blog group also ( has been very good for me --

My radiation nurse said we would build a plan that included no -pain ( not exactly true) - but they have been very responsive with solutions for nausea and sore throat pain- ask for "magic mouthwash" dental numbing in a cherry mouthwash you can swish and swallow for throat pain and Lorazepam for the nausea (they will give you another 3 pill cocktail for the day of Chemo and the two days following - the 1st chemo is the easiest part-) I am on a 7 week radiation and 3 chemo menu - and am at day 10 on radiation and have had 1 of 3 chemo. The Tonsil-Support group is a good group with lots of answers.

Song of the Day: Yesterday - The Beatles

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