Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DAY 35 - Another Day in Paradise

Spent 5.5 hours in the dental chair again today. I like my dentist, but this is way too much. Thank God this is the last day of this dental stuff for a while. ...[woo-hoo , I get to switch to the hard stuff next week with chemo and radiation - I probably will be longing for the dental chair in a week-ha].

The good news is that I am set to start the cancer burn and poison treatment on Tuesday and now there aren't any dental issues left to put into the mix. I understand it is a real bear to need dental work while in or recovering from treatment. Had two crowns changed out from the temps I had put on last week and a full prep and crown on the other side also today. I am lucky my dentist can make the crowns right in the office - otherwise we would have to send out for them and delay this whole thing another week to 10 days. At least they didn't trim any of the gum line like last week as my mouth is already almost too sore to chew.

Have a full day tomorrow of my last prep meetings- I have a "no food - no, not even coffee" blood test at 8am, then a meeting with the Chemo doctor at 9a, then a 2 hour meeting from 10a-12noon at a Chemo class with Lise joining me - to discuss meds and reactions I guess. Then there is a meeting with the nutritionist at 2pm and the radiology lab 1/2 hr away. That pretty much takes the day -will take a day off work.

Have found a great support group on line - Tonsil Support Group

As I have made an initial decision to not have the feeding tube installed, I am concerned about weight loss. I don't have that much to give up...maybe 20lbs or so at the outside...a lot of talk about severe weight loss. The only thing I know for sure is that I don't know anything for sure and will have to jump into the deep end to see if I can swim.

Also, a lot of chat about being 6 months to 2 years post treatment and still having serious issues with mouth , swallowing and diet. The real point is of course, is that they are still here to talk about it, which IS the point isn't it? The group is made up of fighting survivors and those that love them - so there is an automatic flavor of positive reinforcement. If you are in the 4 of 10 that didn't make it or you are really bad off - I am guessing you don't feel like you should gut it up to join a chat room.

Song of the Day: Tim McGraw: Live Like You Were Dying

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