Monday, June 30, 2008

DAY 33-Another Day in Paradise

A very fast 10 days. Things are moving faster in some ways and slower in others. It seems like this whole deal is a lifetime away and I am VERY anxious to get started. It has been a month since diagnosis. I have chemo class coming up this week and will bring Lise with me as they recommend bringing another set of ears to hear all the instructions. I picked up 5 different kinds of medicine just for the 1st Chemo treatment...mostly dealing with nausea and dizziness. I picked up my dental trays and am trying to find the fluoride gel that is supposed to go in to treat my teeth every night. The dentist say this has to go on forever...not a bad trade off for getting to be around forever.

Am finishing up things at work so I can be gone for awhile. As I am in sales, one cannot be gone long or the sales pipeline dries up and you don't get to play anymore. I am hoping to be able to work some everyday from home.

Learned how to add a link to my song of the day and to load a photo. This is me with my grandson Zak.

Bought a boatload of Ensure and Equate the other day to try to get used to it. Looked on-line for other brands. Made a smoothie today out of half & half and ice cream and feels evil to intentionally consume that many calories.

My daughter - 9 - asked me today what would happen if I didn't "take my medicine" which is how we have been referring to the impending radiation treatments. As she has been so mature lately, I told her the truth and she was visibly upset. I reassured her that I wouldn't forget to take "my medicine" and she could ask me every day if I had to keep me on track. I don't want her to think I wasn't being honest with her, but feel compelled to water it down a bit as long as I can.

Song of the Day Joe Cocker - "A Little Help From My Friends"

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