Sunday, June 15, 2008

DAY 18 - Another Day in Paradise


Got back from Canada late last night and went in for my PETscan this am early. Got my injection and sat in a tiny room in the mobile unit with very little lighting for about a half-hour - still have jet lag- went to sleep. Then headed into the scanner room - and because the A/C was on - they wrapped me in warm blankets and again dosed off - took about a half-hour. Sure didn't feel like spider-man with radioactive heavy metals. The whole deal was suprisingly quite easy and simple...the hard part is wondering what they will find and not wanting to find out that the cancer has spread.

7:45 am and into the regular day that every other Dad is having-

Yet another reason I am a lucky guy. I am blessed with 4 great kids. 3 sons, age 24, 22 and 20 and a daughter age 9. The boys are all out on on their own and my oldest has his own celebration today with my grandson. The "little family" my wife and daughter and myself - went bowling to see if we can bend over without dropping the bowling ball....Father's day tradition...heard from all the boys. Life is good.

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