Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DAY 147 - Day 50 in Recovery Paradise

I think I may have the flu. My stomach hurts and I feel nauseated with a bit of a headache. I managed to get four half-meals down today. That's 1500 calories. My last visit to the doctor ended up in me taking even yet more pills. If I didn't know better, I'd say my body is falling apart. I take pills for a heart condition, eye drops for glaucoma, pills for acid reflux, nasal spray and pills for my sinus problems, fluoride trays for my teeth, and dealing with recovery from chemo and radiation treatments for my cancer. Life is still good, and I appreciate what I have, but it would be nicer to feel better.

Song of the Day: Blondie - Call Me


  1. Sorry you are feeling crappy! Maybe you will start to feel better as you are able to shed some of the extra medicines one by one. Of course, adding the flu on top of everything else you have going on is really unfortunate. Hope you feel better soon!

    Love, Sib

  2. I think my last comment didn't get through. Anyway, keep on tryin'. It's worth the effort. Listen to some good music, read a good book (with magnifing glass?), be glad you aren't running for President.

    Love, Martha