Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DAY 139 - Day 42 in Recovery Paradise

I felt tired today, even with a long nap after breakfast. I took a walk around the block, and it tired me out more than usual. Even with my salt water oral rinses, my mouth still feels messed up today. Very dry, to the point of gagging me when I try to swallow. Sarah wanted me to read to her tonight, and I had to stop after awhile as it hurt too much to talk. My mouth was dry, which caused me to cough and gag. The only talking I do is when Lise comes home for lunch. This part will have to clear up before I go back to work.

I seem to get cold easily. When Sarah is sitting at the counter in a T-shirt, I'm putting on a fleece jacket and a windbreaker because I'm so cold. However, I do like bundling up against the cold versus being too warm.

I drank all my meals today. This is a good trend. I've not used the tube in a few days now, except for water just to keep the tube clear.

This year Sarah is 10, and we've decided that she's too old to go out trick-or-treating. So she's picked out a costume so that she can meet the tricker-or-treaters at the door. She'll probably have a friend over and have a good time handing out candy.

Song of the Day: AC/DC - TNT

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  1. What's a little setback? That, too, shall pass. Keep on truckin', as they sometimes say hereabouts. All in all, it sounds much better.
    Take heart!