Sunday, October 19, 2008

DAY 144 - Day 47 in Recovery Paradise

I'm not feeling so well. I worry about losing my food, my stomach hurts and is upset all day, I've got mucus that makes me gag hanging on the back of my throat, and I've gone a couple days without having much to eat (maybe 600 calories in a day). I can't tell what's wrong with my stomach. I take antacid tablets and I drink Maalox, and it doesn't seem to help. I take anti-nausea and anti-acid reflux pills, but they don't seem to help either. I had three meals today--just one can each time. Not much food, but I have to eat something. I just don't swallow so I don't trigger the gag reflex. It's like trying to not think of a white elephant.

One positive note is that I drove myself to the medical lab today in Lise's car. I was nervous the whole time since it's the first time I've driven in a couple of months. I drove up to get a blood test for my a-fib condition.

I watched T.V. until my butt became numb. Lise cut my hair today. It's really, really short, but still longer than in the parts where it hasn't grown back yet.

Song of the Day: Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma


  1. Hsng in there, Boss! Take it easy. You don't have to regain that weight all at once. As Ed used to say to me when I got anxious about anything, "Just relax and think of Standa." Lise will remember that Standa was almost our favorite store while we were living in Bologna. They carried just about everything, like a Sears with groceries. On their escalator treads was the motto "Calma, c'e Standa!" (Relax,this is Standa!)
    I am cheered that you drove yourself to the clinic. That's a BIG PLUS.
    Read any good books lately??
    Martha (Moppy)

  2. Maybe eating that ice cream and cake AND doing the Ice Cream and Cake Dance too close together contributed to your upset. Next time wait at lease two hours!

    I'm sure this is just a minor setback and you will be back on track in a few days......

    Love you - Sib