Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DAY 146 - Day 49 in Recovery Paradise

I still have a problem with my stomach and my throat. I had dry heaves for 15 minutes twice this morning. I got an emergency appointment with my doctor and, ironically, concurred with our own evaluation and treatment plan. Got a prescription for some acid reflux capsules. I will also step up my salt water swishing and gargling. The gargling is new. Also, I will take a Claritin once a day and spray my uvula (the little hangy-down thing in your throat that makes you gag) with Chloraseptic spray often.

I made hamburgers and corn for dinner tonight. It looked good. Wish I could have joined 'em.

Because I've been gagging and dry heaving, I've not kept up with my food intake. I managed to get in 1500 calories today. It will be about three days before the acid reflux tablets' positive effect kicks in.

Hopefully, I'll feel better this weekend. We have tickets to the ballet. My intent is to go.

Song of the Day: Doobie Brothers - Black Water


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan of attack going for your current crop of nasty symptoms. Hope it gives you some relief and you can not only get some rest, but get out and enjoy life a little. Have fun at the ballet!

    Love, Sib

  2. Ballet? Have fun, but see this article, which expresses my feelings about it!


    Regards, Gary

  3. Let's try that link again -