Thursday, October 9, 2008

DAY 134 - Day 37 on Recovery Paradise

I still have the sore on the right side of my tongue, but it's getting better. I think it is healing because of the salt water rinse I gargle with 5 or 6 times a day. I think it is a canker sore and not related to thrush. I still am taking the thrush medicine and the rest of my mouth/tongue feels better. I still have a bit of a sore throat, however. The mucus was heavier and more apparent today than in the past few days. I also had more dry mouth today. Weird. I traded off between dry mouth for awhile and then mucus. I had most of my meals by mouth today, using the Instant Breakfast mix (375 calories) (2 cans each meal), but used the tube for the other brand, since it tastes like cardboard. It only has 300 calories per can, but it has fiber, unlike the IB.

I weighed in at 148 tonight with my pajamas on. I am hoping to get to 150 lbs. soon. That is what I was before I started all this (before I bulked up to 162).

My son Nick and his fiancee came by for a visit, and we exchanged birthday presents. He hadn't come by on my birthday and Sunday is his 23rd. Lise and I gave him a gift card to Safeway. (Food is always a safe gift for a young, starving man.) He and Dustin gave me a "Dad's Memory Book." Very cool. It is formatted to record the story of your life and what is important to you.
It will be a good gift back to my children after I am gone. Maybe after the glaucoma, the heart arrhythmia, and now the cancer. . . . The boys think I should get started on the memoirs. I asked my mom to do the same for me, and she got one page done.

Song of the Day: The Eagles - How Long

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  1. Hope the salt-water rinse works out - getting your mouth cleared up would really be a big step towards eating normally again. You will get there - hang in!

    Love, Sib