Sunday, October 12, 2008

DAY 137 - Day 40 in Recovery Paradise

My throat is still slightly sore and I have the soreness on the side of my tongue, which keeps me from talking much.

I have a small success to report. I ate a tiny piece of cake with water, a small bowl of peaches and five green beans. The good news is that I could taste everything, so my taste buds are OK. We bought more canned fruit tonight so I will try a little bit each evening. Oh yes, I also had two bites of ice cream, but didn't want to push it any.

Lise and Sarah were at a wedding shower for my niece yesterday, and a story came up about me trying to suppress an exploding bottle of champagne by sticking it in my mouth in a crowded bar. This was many years ago but still is one of the family stories that will never die. Apparently, Sarah had never heard the story, so when it came up at the shower, she defended me by telling them that they shouldn't be laughing at her daddy, who wasn't there, and that she was going to tell on them. It's good to know that my daughter has got my back!

Song of the Day: Randy Newman - You've Got a Friend in Me

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  1. Bob - I'm so glad to hear about all the progress you're making -- Gary