Monday, October 13, 2008

DAY 138 - Day 41 in Recovery Paradise

Except for my mouth, I'm feeling pretty good today. I still have that sore on the right side of my tongue and a little bit of a sore throat.

I tried a little bit of fruit cocktail tonight. The peaches and the cherries went down OK, but the pears were too hard and stuck in my throat. The grapes' skin didn't slide down well either. I only had half of it, and then had to give it away.

When I had cake and ice cream the other day, the serving was only about the size of my thumb. It wasn't pleasant to eat more than that. The main advantage was that I could taste it, so I'm glad my taste buds are back.

It appears that I am back full time fixing dinner for the girls. It's good to be active enough to be an asset to the family, instead of a drag. They enjoy having dinner on the table when they walk in.

Lise brought a copy of the newspaper home at lunchtime on her lunch visit. I actually sat in the window seat and read the whole thing, which is a nice change. It wasn't that long ago when I wasn't able to read the paper. My eyes wouldn't focus. So that's a good progress point.

My sister was giving me a hard time about having ice cream and cake and sent me tonight's video as an exercise plan.

Song (Video) of the Day: Ice Cream and Cake Dance


  1. Ice cream and cake! Hmmm! Sounds better and better. I'm glad you're back in chef mode, especially in time for the BIG holidays. Do you pass out your recipes?

  2. Good for you! I remember reading someone else's blog that said canned peaches were like heaven when you first start to be able to eat. The kind of slick and slimy texture that normally makes them a little creepy is PERFECT for a smooth slide down a tortured throat. Next up: BOBA...yay! I am sadly addicted and usually order an extra scoop of the equally creepy, slimy little things.

    Love, Sib