Sunday, August 31, 2008

DAY 95 - Another Day in Paradise


Got birthday cards, emails and phone calls from family and friends. My two younger sons and their girlfriends will come over later tonight. It will have to be a short visit, as I cannot talk and I am not much fun. I never dreamed I would spend my 61st in this manner. I will definitely have to re-celebrate on another day down the road.

I got three Ensure-meals in today, and I only lost the last fifth of the third one. I also had a little bit of oatmeal this morning. I definitely got my birthday wish from yesterday. My stomach had been on fire, and my throat had been excruciatingly sore. I couldn't swallow, and anything I could get down came right back up for the past two days. All I wanted for my birthday was to be able to have a not-so-sore throat and a stomach under control. And guess what? I woke up with both. God took pity on me.

Sarah brought my favorite candy from her trip to the mall for me to eat in the future. Chocolate peanut clusters. A very sweet thought.

Song of the Day1: The Beatles-Birthday
Song of the Day 2: Happy Birthday - The Beatles


  1. Happy Birthday Uncle Bob. Hope things keep improving... Love you.

  2. Happy Birthday Bob! We miss you at the office. Get better so we can have you back...we need our "Another Day in Paradise" :)