Saturday, August 23, 2008

DAY 87 - Another Day in Paradise

Well, I've finally done it. When you have as many things going wrong with your body as I do right now, you get desperate enough to try just about anything. I'm now the proud owner of a teapot for my nose. It's called a Neti pot and traditionally is used by advanced yoga practitioners as one of the seven ways to cleanse themselves before practicing yoga. I have to make everybody leave the room while I try it, as I can only imagine what it looks like to have a grown man leaning over the sink with a little tiny teapot stuck up his nose, bent over at an angle so that the water flows out the other nostril. However, it does seem to work. Any little help I can get I am thankful for. This was an idea from Lise, who finally found one for me at the natural foods co-op. She also got me a container of aloe vera gel for my neck and something called "mucus relief," an expectorant and cough suppressant combo.

Picked up a couple of B grade movies this afternoon to help pass the time. One is about a monster versus the Vikings, and the other is about an earthquake that ate California. My attention span is so short, it is easier for me to watch a movie that has very little plot. Watched the first one, and it lived up to its B rating.

Have to go in for a pre-chemo blood test tomorrow, then I have my radiation earlier in the day on Monday. Normally it's at 3:15, but it's now set for 11:15 so we can get to the hospital where the chemo treatment center is (20 minutes away) for the afternoon.

I've noticed that my vision is starting to blur, so Lise has graciously been typing my blog posts and reading my emails to me. I hope my vision problem is temporary.

Song of the Day: Joe Cocker - Cry Me A River

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