Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DAY 69 - Another Day in Paradise

Haven't posted anything for a couple of days as most days are, unfortunately, all the same. The toughest part of the day is trying to get calories down as my meals have become just oatmeal and nutritional drinks.

Made a couple of sales for my work and stopped by for a few minutes, but tired easily. My friend Gary at work and I often enjoy de-motivational posters, and he recommended a great site, www.despair.com. This plays to my dark sense of humor and so explains today's picture.

Tomorrow will be midway through my fifth week, with a total of seven weeks for the treatment plan. I know it's more than half way, but I am very anxious for it to come to an end. Made a change in my hourly mouthwash at the recommendation of the radiation oncology nurse, made an addition of meat tenderizer to the salt, water and baking soda mouth rinse. It seems to do a good job of cutting the mucus, but it's hard on my throat when I gargle. I may have used too much and tenderized my tongue - ha.

Drove the new Cruiser a couple of times. Drives well. Handles well. A little bit fancier than the last one.

Am putting lots of lotion on my neck, and the radiation burn seems to be under control. It's red, but not too bad.

Nothing funny or bad has happened lately, but I do notice that I'm very apprehensive about approaching the open stairwell and make sure I have my hand on the rail before I step into it.

Days are somewhat monotonous in a mildly depressing way. It could be much worse, and I know that the highlight of my day is when Lise comes to pick me up for my radiation treatment.

Song of the Day: Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz

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