Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DAY 83 - Another Day in Paradise

Suffered a setback today. My white blood cell count is too low for them to continue treatment without sending me to the hospital. Suspended chemo and radiation. Just seven radiations and one chemo left. Have to wait three or four days to resume. Have another blood test on Thursday morning and will hope for the best. Hopefully, we'll be able to finish everything up next week. Down to 144 pounds, so need to hurry up and get treatment finished so I can start on the upswing.

Got two more cards from my sister today. I'm pretty much averaging two a day--all very good, very funny. I even have my long-lost cousin from Hawaii reading my blog.

Was not able to keep my lunch down today. I'm hoping to keep my dinner down. Two out of three meals is the best I can do these days. Still sitting on ice as often as I can to ease the pain of my tail bone. I go to the chiropractor each Friday.

Song of the Day: to be posted later


  1. We love you Uncle Bob and will have good thoughts for your white blood cells going up and up.

  2. So sorry to hear about your setback. Hope you are back on track soon...you are so close!

    Tried to send comment from Peter's phone but it either didn't take or you got it 200 times. We are sitting around the campfire at Huntington Lake in the dark trying to keep up with your blog on tiny cell phone screens. Erica's message seemed to post successfully so I am trying again on her IPhone.
    You are in our thoughts and we hope you get to finish this up soon. We love you!