Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DAY 91 - Another Day in Paradise

Just three more radiation days to go! Doctor said she could not "feel" any signs of the tumor in my neck and that I was responding well to treatment. That is the first good news I have heard in a while. She said the effects of radiation would accelerate and would intensify over the next few weeks. That part is not good. Mouth feels very dry and furry. Very odd. NO moisture except for mucus. It makes me gag to try to swallow.

My son Dustin and his girlfriend came by for a short visit today. They would have stayed longer but I can't talk much and am on the verge of throwing up after the chemo on Monday. Not good party material. I really appreciate the thought though.

My other two sons call on me regularly to check up. I really appreciate their thinking of me.

Song of the Day again: The Beatles -- Help!


  1. It's almost over Bob! This too will pass, you are on your way... chin up and SMILE! = ) ~CB

  2. Hang in there, my friend. I know you still have hard days ahead, but I'm glad you're past the chemo milestone and soon to done with the radiation. Hopefully, before long, you'll be up for a trip to Istanbul (not Constantinople).