Thursday, August 21, 2008

DAY 85 - Another Day in Paradise

Well, I'm back on track. Day 7 down, with Day 6 to go tomorrow. Chemo is on Monday, then radiation daily through Friday next week. And that will be it! I have to get a pre-chemo blood test on Sunday, so let's hope there aren't any more delays.

Still difficult to keep all three meals down. It's a good day if I can keep 2 1/2 down. Tail bone seems to be improved. I can bend over and pick up things without making a four-step process. Still sore to lie down straight on my back, but most other angles seem to be OK. The two biggest issues right now are my tongue and the back of my throat. If I could fix those, I'd be in great shape. The mucus at the back of my throat makes me gag, even if I'm just drinking water, which I often do. My tongue feels like it's fat and thick and sliced by razor blades. But other than that, I'm the picture of health!

Song of the Day: Chuck Berry - Back in the USA

The Song of the Day and the photo of the day are in homage to all the great American athletes in the Olympics.

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  1. yeah. Glad to hear you are back on track. Way to go!