Friday, August 22, 2008

DAY 86 - Another Day in Paradise

Day 6 gone. Five days left. Last chemo on Monday, but have to go for a blood test on Sunday afternoon to determine whether we can to forward with that. Met with the doctor today. I told her how miserable I was, and she said there wasn't anything she could do and it was going to get worse. Whee. Still, daily, I'm reminded how fortunate I am, just by looking around me at other people in life. As long-term as this is, this is still short-term compared with people who have permanent afflictions. I see people in wheelchairs, amputees, homeless, etc. You just need to watch the news or read the paper about conflicts going in the world to know how lucky we all are...even me.

Song of the Day: the rolling stones - you can't always get what you want

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  1. Still at the campground for another two days. Shannon and Ryan here for the weekend. Sorry you are stll feeling so crappy...hope this next week brings treatment to a close. On to recovery phase!! You are doing great...I know it is really hard, but you WILL get there!

    Love you..... Sib