Monday, August 11, 2008

DAY 75 - Another Day in Paradise

I'm in Week 6. After this is done, there will be another week and a half left to go. Eight more days until my last chemo. Twelve more radiation treatments. In email I sent to my sister, I was lamenting about all my physical ailments and told her that other than those pesky detriments, I was as fit as a Greek god, but typos had it come out "as fit as a freek cod." After some deep soul-searching thought, I figured God was working through my fingertips, and I let it stand as it was a more description term. My sister thinks I'm disturbed because I am able to describe so accurately a snot-Velcro-hairdryer experience, although it must have worked because she could visualize it quite easily.

I am maintaining my weight at about 150, but I can say honestly, I hate mealtimes. It is very hard for me to concentrate on anything for very long, and I look forward to being able to fall asleep in the evening.

Today's Song of the Day is not a song, but a bit from the movie Dodgeball with Lance Armstrong.
Lance Armstrong: For whenever you feel like quitting

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  1. You've always got the ability to make a person smile! Only an individual who is "fit as a freek cod" can do that! = )

    You and your family have a wonderful weekend Bob! ~ CB