Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DAY 84 - Another Day in Paradise

Hopefully this is my last day of vacation from treatment as I'm very anxious to finish so I can get started on recovery. Go in for blood test tomorrow to see if my white blood cell count is up enough to finish treatment. I'm hoping. If not, I hope they can help me do something to boost my white blood cell count...some magic pill.

Spent the last two days watching old silent movies of Harold Lloyd brought to me by my friend Gary from work. Very entertaining and does a good job of passing the time. Also, listening to music from a cool group called They Might Be Giants. Like the one about Istanbul (Not Constantinople) the best.

Even while camping, my sister keeps up her daily messages by sending texts from her iPhone.

Well, should know more tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Song of the Day: THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"

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  1. So I am a horrible son and am catching up on the blogs now, but am glad you are turned on to TMBG, I love that band and have for a very long time. Istanbul is one of my favorites from them too.