Thursday, August 28, 2008

DAY 92 - Another Day in Paradise

Just got back from third-to-the-last radiation. This is also the day the chemo hits hardest. Two more days to go. Have to wait through the 3-day weekend to have my last radiation on Tuesday the 2nd. Lost dinner in pretty short order and feel lousiest I have so far. Too early to go to bed, and I am am not up for anything else.

Got email from M - n- law and birthday card also. Birthday is on Sunday. Will postpone celebration to a day down the road.

Got two neat cards with notes from my good friend Denise at work. They mean a lot.

Song of the Day (from Denise): Ben E. King - Stand By Me

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  1. Hang in - you know that we ALL are standing by you all they way. You are blessed with so many friends and family who care so much about you and are keeping you in their thoughts. You will get through this rough phase as you have all of the rest - with strength and humor. WE LOVE YOU!