Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DAY 119 - Day 22 in Recovery Paradise

I had a little breakthrough yesterday. I was able to once again take some nutrients orally. Two of my six feedings were with Ensures and Instant Breakfast by mouth. I lost the second one, though. I just can't take anything unless my mouth is dry. I can't swallow anything when I've got mucus in my mouth. I had two successful Ensures and Instant Breakfasts today, so I'm slowly making a little progress.

I made a crock-pot dinner for Lise and Sarah today. Chicken breasts, cream of chicken soup, white wine, carrots and green beans, assorted herbs. Both girls ate everything on their plate, so I'm sure it was OK. The problem is I can't taste anything, so I can't tell if anything is OK until they put it in their mouth. I did this dish from memory.

Lise left the house this morning telling me my mission was to KILL THE FLY, and I must say, I was successful in that mission as well. I also pulled a few weeds and watched TV for the rest of the afternoon.

Song of the Day: Doctor My Eyes

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