Saturday, September 13, 2008

DAY 108 - Day 11 in Recovery Paradise

Yesterday was pretty decent in terms of no surprises or hurdles. Got my 6 feedings in with no bad results. Bad night sleeping again: coughing far too much, can't sleep in the bed, keep Lise awake, can't get comfortable. Am sleeping in the zero gravity chair. Still bad, but can doze off occasionally.

Hurdles today. Spent the better part of Saturday in the ER again. I recognize almost everyone down there, and Lise and I pointed out the 5 different rooms we have been admitted to. Had a fever of 102.5 and so we went in about 8 a.m.; got out about 4 p.m. They took lots of blood and X-rays and gave a prescription for antibiotics. Boring. I hate going to the ER. You wait and wait and wait with nothing to do, and it is cold, so you are wrapped up like a mummy in blankets--except for the arm with the IV in it.

ER is priority management, so an old guy with a temp goes last. Got to give myself 100 cc of water through my tube though.

My mouth still seems to be the major source of discomfort. Full of foamy mucus, which I have to spit out constantly. If I swallow it, it gags me. Throat is sore today again. There were a few days last week when it wasn't sore, so I thought I might be past that. Wishful thinking. Tongue is severely sore, and when I talk, my teeth scrape the sides and it is very painful. Lise and I have relegated ourselves to her talking in Yes or No questions and I respond with a thumbs-up or -down. She is the best ever caregiver. I truly would be lost without her. She sits for 6-8 hours in the ER with me doing nothing as I can't talk, without complaining. Our anniversary is this Monday. Thirteen years--boy, am I a lucky guy!

Back home now and had a successful "meal" dinnertime: 150 cc of formula and 100 cc of water. Another turn at 8:30 pm.

Sarah's hampster died, so we had to have a burial service when we got home. We cleaned out the cage, and she and Lise are off to secure another critter.

Song of the Day: The Hampster Dance

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