Thursday, September 11, 2008

DAY 105 - Day 8 in Recovery Paradise

Finally got to come home! Had my first four meals in almost a week. PEG tube is installed. Nursing staff gave me the first three. Took my first meal at home at 10:30 p.m. Filled my stomach totally so that when I tried to take my pills it caused me to vomit. Quite unexpected. Big mess. I was wondering if I would still throw up, even though I wasn't swallowing food, and now I know the answer. I feel a lot stronger as a result of my stay at the hospital. Lise says that I look better and look stronger. The tube sticking out of my stomach is about 10 inches long and is kind of a hassle to tape to your chest so it doesn't get pulled on. I've decided to shave the hair on my chest (temporarily) so I can quit pulling the hair out each time I pull the tape off. Feeding schedule is every three hours, six times a day, starting at 6:00 a.m.

Song of the Day: Gene Vincent - Peg O' My Heart


  1. Great seeing you yesterday, running around in your white fleece! And Lise is right, you do look fantastic :) keep it up! We miss you at the office - MG

  2. Thinking of you and wanted to send you a hello and a smile! = ) ~CB

  3. Hi, just testing to make sure that my message goes through. Just read that the food scene is not perfect yet. But soon!


  4. ask the hosital for some body stocking stuff its like tube top material netting get size 9 if they have it cut about 10 inch lenghts it hold the tube and feels real comfortable wear it around your belly. Its wierd i cant find a place to buy it but the radiation lace and the hospital nurses cut me 3 or 4 10 inch lenghts every week and you can wash them so ive got bunches 2 more weeks of rads for me thanks for yuor blog

  5. Posted a comment earlier this evening that didn't seem to show up...will probably see a double one in the morning. Anyway, WELCOME HOME! Glad to have you back.

    Love, Sib