Saturday, September 20, 2008

DAY 115 - Day 18 in Recovery Paradise

I had my last visit from the home health nurse yesterday. She said I was OK without home nurse visits. My blood pressure was OK, though they are concerned that it is too low. She did a blood test to check my Cumaden level, which is going up, so no changes in my dosage of Warfarin. My throat was not so sore yesterday, but I still had lots of foamy mucus. I'm still carrying my spit cup everywhere.

Saturday: Did not have a good night's sleep last night. I had to get up twice, woke up at about 6:00 and could not get back to sleep. I did not take my early morning nap today. Made coffee for Lise and did exercises with her instead. We had a family outing today and that was a great change from my boring days. Went up to a park for a American Heart Association Walk/Run/Fair. It was supposed to run until 1:00 pm, but it was ending just as we got there at 11:00 am. Sarah was disappointed, so we got her some balloons and went out to lunch and for a yogurt treat after. The walk to the event from where we parked was exhausting, so I guess I am not ready for big outings. We went to the grocery store later, and pushing the cart was a lot easier. It felt good to get out of the house.

My mouth was dry all morning and my throat a little sore. The mucus came back in the afternoon. I have to spit every couple of minutes. It gags me if I swallow it. My throat is not so sore though. I felt strong enough to steam clean the stairs. They still had tea stains from when I fell down the stairs that night some weeks back. I changed a couple of light bulbs and ironed a couple of shirts. That about finished me off for the day.

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  1. You know you are getting better when they have you doing carpet cleaning! Did you already play out your last sympathy card? Actually, as another OCD clean freak (a genetic gift we share from Clara), I DO know how satisying it must have been to be able to finally attack that tea stain. Glad you were able to get out and about, and here's to clean carpets!

    Love, Sib