Sunday, September 21, 2008

DAY 116 - Day 19 in Recovery Paradise

Long Day. I woke up with swollen ankles and had to go to the medical clinic. They checked me out as I also had a small fever last night. The doctor said I would be OK, so I got to go home. I've gained six pounds in the past week, taking in 2700 calories a day. This may be too fast, so I am cutting back to 400 cc of nutrient 5 times a day instead of 6 times.

My mouth was dry the first half of the day and mucus-y the second half. My throat is just a little bit sore now. I seem to have a bit more energy, but I'm really tired of the same routine every day.

I helped Sarah this afternoon with her school work. She has a book report and diorama due on October 2nd. She finished the book ("This is the longest book I've ever read!") and came up with a great concept for the diorama. She built a set of stairs out of cardboard, all by herself. I didn't help at all; in fact, I told her it couldn't be done! Ha- proved me wrong!

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