Monday, September 15, 2008

DAY 110 - Day 13 in Recovery Paradise

My mouth is still sore but not as much. My tongue is still very sore; talking aggravates the sore edges of my tongue. My throat is still sore but not as much. The phlegm/mucus is still there but not as bad. Eight cases of supplement were delivered today. That'll be good for quite awhile.

Had a home health nurse stop by to check on me. She says my blood pressure is low. They will recheck it at my regular doctor checkup tomorrow. I tried to get it moved to an earlier time to work better with Lise's schedule, but then they called me to say someone canceled the appointment. The HHN fixed it so it is back on again. She will stop by again on Wednesday and Friday.

Moved up to 250 cc for each "meal" six times today, so I'm almost there. The goal to maintain my desired body weight is 300 cc six times a day. I'm still trying to break 140 pounds. This morning I was 135.5. I've lost nearly 30 pounds.

Song of the Day: The Ventures - Wipe Out


  1. Well, this does sound like progress. Too bad about the medical appointment mix-ups. Your resident chef and assistant chef must be thinking up a lot of tasty things to replace the contents of those just delivered cases. Martha

  2. Sounds like things are finally starting to look up. Glad to hear you are finally getting some good days to balance out the not-so-good ones. Hope it only gets better from here on out!

    Love, Sib