Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DAY 111 - Day 14 in Recovery Paradise

Last night was the second of two good nights' sleep in a row. For 20 minutes before I got up this morning, I almost felt normal again. Then reality struck in and I realized I have a tube sticking out my stomach and I have to sit for 25 minutes at the dining room table holding and filling a syringe with nutritional formula in order to survive. The followup visit to the doctor this morning revealed that my blood pressure is still too low and I need to adjust one of my heart medications to balance the low blood pressure versus atrial fibrillation issues.

My mouth is still sore, but the doctor prescribed Nystatin (again) for thrush. This is already helping. My throat is not as sore today. I have a runny nose. I still spit constantly; just can't swallow the mucus.

I'm now at goal of 300 cc of nutritional formula per "meal," six times a day. That's 1,800 calories per day. Now I will try to increase the amount per meal so that I can reduce the number of meals each day. Less time sitting while slooooooowly pouring the formula in will be an improvement.

I spent my day watching a movie (The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan), listening to NPR (Neal Conan, Talk of the Nation), and watching a football game (Iowa vs. LSU).


  1. Good going! Sounds like really good progress.

  2. Hey Bob
    Glad you're sleeping better, and seeing well enough to watch movies. I'll bring you some more. Just keep on enjoying those nice, leisurely dinners.

  3. Sounds like the 'tube' was just the right thing to get you back up and going. So glad you are finally able to get a little preview of the great things to come...a full night's sleep and a good meal!

    Love you!