Thursday, September 18, 2008

DAY 113 - Day 16 of Recovery Paradise

Today was a day much like yesterday. I took two naps in my zero gravity chair. (I love that thing.) I woke up every two and a half hours from 9 to noon for my feeding. This afternoon I walked around the block. I felt weak and tired by the end, but I made it. I also watched a movie, "Time Cop: The Berlin Decision." Good movie; worth watching. This evening we all went up to the video store. I picked out two more movies for tomorrow, and then we shopped for a few groceries. I tried reading, but my vision is too blurry.

The soreness in my throat has improved a bit more yet. The mucus is now kind of dry and foamy. I can't swallow it without gagging. I have three big plastic popcorn cups that I keep--one in the entertainment room, one in the bedroom, and one downstairs--and one has been a fixture in my hand for the past few weeks. They are about 20-ounce cups, and I started using them when I felt like I might throw up. Lise and Sarah noticed this evening that I was without a "spit cup" on several occasions. Hopefully, that means there's some improvement there.


  1. Glad to hear that things are getting better. The 'foamy mucous' sounds pretty rough, but only a few weeks ago it was 'snot on Velcro', so I'd say things are looking up!

    Love you,

  2. I sent you messages for the past two days but noticed this morning that they did not go through. Hmmm! Anyway, it is really encouraging to read how much better you are. Keep up those terrific walks around the block. Always thinking about you.