Thursday, September 11, 2008

DAY 106 - Day 9 in Recovery Paradise

First feeding this morning was vomited right back up. That means my first two feedings at home were not successful. Went to the Emergency Room. Spent the afternoon. Had X-rays of my stomach to make sure there was no blockage. At the end of the day, they wanted me to go slower with the feedings and not pour it in too fast. Sent me home with a new anti-nausea drug. Tried stringing out feedings this evening over 30 minutes instead of 10-15. Long and boring, but it seemed to work. So...I had my two first successful feedings at home.

Song of the Day: Food, Glorious Food


  1. Better news! Better show! keep it up!

  2. i am a stranger but my prayers are with you, thank you for sharing your experience! get well soon!

  3. Seems like every other one of my 'comments' are disappearing into cyberspace and not showing up...just wanted to say (again) how glad we are to have you back and feeling better. Once you get the hang of this thing it should really help improve your quality of life for the rest of the recovery period. And you do have red jello as your inspirational goal...go for it!
    Love, Sib