Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DAY 175 - Day 78 in Recovery Paradise

My stomach has been feeling a little off lately. Had my first nutrient meal at about 6:30 a.m. Took a short nap, got up at 8 and lost it all. Had another one about 9 a.m., took a nap until about noon. Stayed down this time. Worked in the garage, getting rid of my past. Getting rid of a lot of sports memorabilia from the Sacramento River Rats hockey team, throwing away boxes of photos and game day magazines. Dinner was beef stew, green beans, salad and garlic toast. I had tomato soup and a glass of milk.

Song of the Day: The Ventures - The House of the Rising Sun


  1. You can TRY to get rid of your past, but someone has a garage full of 120 years worth of family photos...I can remind you of your past (the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain embarassing) one photo at a time. There IS no escape!

  2. Oh, Sib, oh, Bob! It does feel good to get rid of some of the stuff hanging around. I have a very large cedar closet that I have been throwing (literally) stuff in for years. Last week I started tossing, and what did I find: a lot of plastic bags, a goodly amount of outdated files that no longer are useful for anything, and many, many boxes, which will be useful. Then I attacked my study and reorganized all sorts of stuff (and tossing some of it, too). I just LOVE the neater look and relief. But I have to confess that stuff might again descend. Will I have the guts to keep it away?? Stay tuned!